Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tybee Island

Today I drove along US 80 to Tybee Island, just east of Savannah, Georgia.  The road ended at the dune separating the sandy parking area from the beach bordering the Atlantic Ocean.  After celebrating  my success in locating this starting point, I turned the car around and retraced my route until I turned off the main road in search of the Tybee light station and museum, the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Georgia.  After making a few twists and turns through some beach-y neighborhoods I arrived at my destination.  Very impressive!  Tybee Island is a beach town with a wide assortment of motels and sea food restaurants.  Great for family vacations!!  And the beaches are beautiful!  But, please bring lots of coins or your credit card to feed the parking meters.  There is no free public parking on the island.  Restaurants and motels will provide parking but if you are visiting for the day, please consider yourself forewarned about the metered parking.  Don't let a parking ticket spoil your day.  Have fun!!!

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