Friday, February 13, 2015

Meinhardt Winery

Located about twelve miles outside of Statesboro, Georgia is Meinhardt Winery.  I saw the advertisement for this winery in the travel brochure for this area and I thought (on a whim, of course) that I would stop by for a tasting.  I have been collecting bottles of wine produced and bottled in the various states I travel through on my way out west.  At the end of my journey I plan on hosting my own tasting party with all the wines I collect along the way.  O.K., back to the winery. I was the only one at the tasting so I had the full attention and an abundance of conversation with the owner of the winery.  I sampled five varieties of wine, both white and red, and enjoyed them all.  I also learned a bit about the art of making wine and while I was listening I was also enjoying the conversation.  The muscadine grape is the basis for these wines.  Other flavors are infused to create some of the most wonderful tasting wine.  I purchased three bottles of my favorite wines.  The plan is to take these bottles with me on my travels.  They may not all make the trip out to the west coast.  They're that good.  I'm just sayin'.

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