Saturday, February 14, 2015

George Washington Carver

After leaving the airfield I drove a short distance to Tuskegee University with the intention of visiting the museum dedicated to George Washington Carver which is located on the campus.  Before visiting the museum I drove throughout the campus. What a beautiful campus!  (lots of speed bumps, so watch it!) The G W Carver museum is filled with displays and information about this botanist/experimenter/researcher.  His product inventions using the peanut as the base is impressive.  He also designed a farm wagon which gave farmers a better way to display their produce and other wares.  He is known for his education bus--a bus he drove out into the countryside to meet with farmers and teach them farming methods.  He was a great educator and continued working in his research lab long after he stopped teaching in the classroom.  It is unbelievable how many products we use today that were part of his catalog of inventions.  The museum is operated by the US Park Service and is free to the public.  Stop by and learn!

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