Monday, May 22, 2017

Oakland Cemetery

I recently visited Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia.  The cemetery is very old and "home" to many notable people as well as everyday citizens and war heroes.  The dogwoods were in full bloom on the day I was walking along the pathways of this garden cemetery.  Acres of trees, flowers and decorative vegetation adorn the fields and walkways and the grounds are beautifully attended to by professionals and volunteers alike.

Large family crypts grace the cemetery.  Some of them look like little castles.  All are adorned with beautiful flowers and shrubs.  It is easy to see how lovingly each family plot was cared for.  The cemetery is open to the public and many people take the opportunity to stroll amongst the historical markers, crypts and landscaped gardens in this beautiful, restful, peaceful place.

stained glass windows

The Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta has many family crypts with intricate stained glass window ornamentation.  The windows are beautiful and quite a tribute to the family members buried there.

the old and the new

Here is a view of Midtown Atlanta as seen from the Oakland Cemetery.  It shows the very old cemetery in the forefront with the modern city skyline in the background.  old and new

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stewart Avenue UMC

While in Atlanta I have been attending Stewart Avenue UMC.  The congregation has been around for over one hundred years.  Sadly, this month they are going to close the church due to a dwindling number of congregates.  Joyfully, they will reopen this church to a new congregation of Methodists in July as two smaller churches merge and meet the need for a larger building for worship.

The interior of the church is very clean and simple.  There are beautiful stained glass windows on both ends of the sanctuary and a gorgeous dark red velvet drape adorns the front wall.  The people are wonderful, friendly and kind.  They have been loyal to their church for their entire lives and now must sadly move on.  But, this church building will live on and someday soon it will come alive again with the sounds of singing and powerful preaching.  What a joy, to me, to have worshipped here.

Monday, May 15, 2017

art museum

I'm in Atlanta now.  One Sunday afternoon I visited the High Museum of Art.  Ohhh, I love a good art gallery and this is one of the best.  There was a fabulous photograph display set up in one of the many galleries.  A photographer from the South was showing his photos of rural and small town life in southern USA.

This painting is entitled THE FARMER TAKES A WIFE.  I am enjoying their facial expressions.

I really like this kind of landscape painting.  I find the straight lines and the extreme color contrasts to be very exciting.   And, of course, this collage of color and objects was just plain fun.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

the cairo

More pix of the Cairo.  The  Cairo is a restored paddlewheel boat that was sunk in the Mississippi River during the civil war.  The boat sits in a covered display area in the National Military Park down by the river.  It has it's own museum which is filled with artifacts recovered from the wreckage site nearby.  While you are visiting the Vicksburg National Military Park, take some time to see the Cairo.      

the old courthouse

I couldn't resist another picture of the old Vicksburg courthouse in early spring.  The dogwood trees and the azalea bushes are in full bloom.  The courthouse sits high above the Mississippi River and on this land the siege of Vicksburg came to an end.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

crawford street

A recent visit to Vicksburg during the Springtime gave me the pleasure of seeing the dogwoods in full bloom.  This tree is growing right in front of the church I used to attend on Crawford Street.

                            And, this is the beautiful cross in the front of the sanctuary.  Amen.