Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stewart Avenue UMC

While in Atlanta I have been attending Stewart Avenue UMC.  The congregation has been around for over one hundred years.  Sadly, this month they are going to close the church due to a dwindling number of congregates.  Joyfully, they will reopen this church to a new congregation of Methodists in July as two smaller churches merge and meet the need for a larger building for worship.

The interior of the church is very clean and simple.  There are beautiful stained glass windows on both ends of the sanctuary and a gorgeous dark red velvet drape adorns the front wall.  The people are wonderful, friendly and kind.  They have been loyal to their church for their entire lives and now must sadly move on.  But, this church building will live on and someday soon it will come alive again with the sounds of singing and powerful preaching.  What a joy, to me, to have worshipped here.

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