Tuesday, February 10, 2015

driving US 80

Tomorrow I start my journey across US 80 from Tybee Island, Georgia to Dallas, Texas.  Why this highway, you ask?  Well, many years ago I lived in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Highway 80 ran right through the center of town.  It followed Clay Street to the down town and then turned onto Washington Street before heading out of town and crossing the Mississippi River into Louisiana.  I knew Highway 80 crossed the entire state of Mississippi and I vowed some day I would drive this slower route across the state, stopping in some of the smaller towns along the way,  instead of taking the faster route of I-20.  I did some research on the history of US 80 and I found that the eastern terminus of the highway is at Tybee Island, Georgia, and that is where I shall start.  I have my official map of Georgia (old school, I know) marked in red where US 80 meanders across the state until it enters Alabama.  My city tour guides have been read and points of interest that have piqued my curiosity have been noted.  So, tomorrow it starts.  I'll let you know how it goes.