Sunday, February 15, 2015

Demopolis, Alabama

Along US 80 in western Alabama lies the town of Demopolis.  The name of the town in Greek means town of the people.  The people are the town.  Every time I have passed through this town I have seen the sign pointing to the historic district.  Today I took the opportunity to see for myself what the historic district of Demopolis looked like.  I was not disappointed.  There are a number of very large, impressive Victorian (and older) homes lining one of the larger boulevards. The square is the center of the down town.  The square is a park with a gazebo and stores line the other side of the street.  Most of the store fronts were empty but I did find a wonderful children's and gift store on the square.  If you are looking for some good home style cooking, may I suggest Kora's.  It is a little hard to find but worth the effort.  Yum!  Stop by.

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