Monday, December 1, 2014

just like Burma Shave signs...

...but much bigger and yellow.  That pretty much describes the appearance of the dust storm signs  standing along the side of the highway in New Mexico and Texas.  Every so often as I travelled this route I passed several large yellow signs lined up in a row along the shoulder of the road.  The first one warns that this is an area that is very prone to blowing dust/sand storms.  The next signs give instructions to follow if you are caught in a storm.  "pull off the road and stop"  "turn off your lights"  "don't block the traffic lanes"  Things like that.  The signs were very visible due to their bright color and size.  And they are necessary warnings.  I saw a lot of blowing sand and there were small dust devils dancing around sandy areas right off the highway.  I mention these signs because they bring back a memory from my childhood.  As a family we would take cross country trips to various destinations.  As we drove along the smaller state highways and the even smaller county roads we would occasionally pass the Burma Shave signs.  These are small red colored signs placed along the roadside in groups of, maybe, six or eight signs.  The signs had short humorous poems written upon them and the last sign always had the name of the sponsor--Burma Shave.  We could see the signs from a distance as we travelled down the road and we took turns reading them aloud to everyone in the car.  (By taking turns I mean someone "called it" and they had the "right" to read the signs.  This was not a democratic process.  It was sometimes based on seniority, sometimes it was just your turn and sometimes a few elbows to the ribs settled the matter.  Back seat fights.  In a station wagon.  Oh, yeah.  Good times.)  Anyway, it is a funny memory and these yellow signs brought them to mind.  I don't think there are many, if any, Burma Shave signs still planted along the roadways.  They may be collectors items now.  I'm not sure.  But, how's this...   read this sign   it is a must   protect yourself   from all the dust   Burma Shave

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