Sunday, November 30, 2014

heading back

I've been in San Diego for seven days now and it is time to turn around and head back east.  I have eaten my way through pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving and post Thanksgiving.  I should POP soon.  Loved visiting with family.  Wish I could stay longer.  After limited driving for the past few days, it  does feel good to get out on the road.  Today's journey took me from San Diego to Tucson.  Really easy drive up through the mountains and back to the flat lands.  The wind mills were really moving fast today and the car was buffeting in the wind in the mountains especially in the wind tunnels between the mountains.  There was only one border patrol stop in eastern California.  The border wall is very close at this point.  I passed the sand dunes just west of Yuma and saw the dune buggies racing around in the sand hills.  It looked like a lot of fun on a Sunday afternoon.  There were a lot of RV's on the roadways today pulling an extra trailer loaded with ATV's.  fun,fun  I pulled into Tucson at sunset.  Beautiful night.  Tomorrow, on to Texas.  

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