Friday, November 21, 2014

San Jacinto

I have seen the exit sign many times along the highway on my way to Houston that directs people to the San Jacinto war memorial.  The memorial is located on the site of the definitive battle for independence by the Texans from the Mexican government fought in 1836.  It is here that the Mexican general Santa Ana was defeated by the much smaller band of soldiers lead by Samuel Houston.  Today is the day I decide to stop and see this memorial.  There are three parts to the site visit that are covered in the admission price.  This is not a part of the National Parks service so no discount admissions apply here.  It is run by the state of Texas.  The museum and theater cover the first floor.  The movie gives a full explanation of the events leading up to the battle and the ensuing victory on behalf of the Texan army.  Very good overview!  The museum is filled with artifacts from the battle and enough pictures, hand written letters and military equipment/soldier uniforms to give the visitor a good picture of what went on during that eventful day.  An elevator ride takes you to the observation tower high above the battlefield and provides a very good opportunity to see the lay of the land as well as a very good view of the Houston area.  There are nature paths that surround the memorial and picnic facilities, as well.  This memorial site is well worth the stop. Now heres the thing.  If you are driving west on I-10 and you get off the highway at the appropriate exit you will drive approximately 21 miles to the site over smaller state roads, across expansive bridges and through small town streets until you come to Independence Boulevard and the monument.  However, on the way back to I-10 (as I found out by asking an attendant for directions back to the main highway) I was told all I needed to do was drive about two blocks, get on the ferry and after leaving the ferry I would be within a mile of the I-10 entrance.  It's a straight shot to the highway.  Hmmmmm...   What!!  How did I not know this before??  A SHORTCUT!!  Oh, my.  The laugh is on me.  hahaha  Go anyway.  Go anyway you can.  It's worth it.

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