Saturday, November 22, 2014


Throughout Texas there is a chain of stores that operate along the highway called Buc-ee's.  They are a gas station/convenience store like none I have ever seen.  They are huge; about the size of a large grocery store.  As I travelled along I-10 between Houston and San Antonio I stopped at the Buc-ee's near Luling, Texas.  I have been here once before and I know what to expect.  The store has every food item you could possibly want.  There is a large sandwich counter where all the sandwiches are made fresh and to your specific order.  If you want a pulled pork sandwich, there is a counter for that.  Gourmet fudge?  Got it!  Ice cream and dipping' dots?  Got that, too!  Massive selection of cold drinks lined up in a larger than life wall refrigerator.  ummmmm...carmel corn.  Everything you want is here.  The place is very busy and I'm thinking the local people support the store as much as the highway travelers.  Gas up, fill up (your tummy) and go.  That's what I say.  But before you go, please admire the brightly painted oil barrel animal sculptures adorning the indoor entryway.  A must see place to be.  See ya' next time.  Now, on to San Antonio.

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