Monday, November 24, 2014

the 8

I-10 has been described as the loneliest highway in the U.S. The stretch of road through western Texas, New Mexico and into Arizona has the fewest cross roads of any highway in the system.  After nearly two thousand miles of driving west between Lake City, Florida and Casa Grande, Arizona on the I-10 I turned onto interstate 8 which should bring me into San Diego.  Along the way I stopped in Yuma for the night. The name Yuma conjures up thoughts of the old west.  Set in the middle of the desert next to the California state line Yuma sits alone, yet offers the traveller and resident everything they need.  Then and now.  My stay is short.  One night.  Today I will drive parallel to the Mexican border.  But not before I gas up the car.  You never know.  I don't want to be caught short on the highway.  Onward to SD.

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