Wednesday, December 3, 2014

but where's the bakery?

I've been driving back east along I-10 from San Diego to Florida.  I'm in Texas now.  Since I have been primarily driving in day light hours I have been able to see the desert terrain and the changes in the look of the land.  The mountain peaks are jagged in Arizona and New Mexico and become flatter in Texas as I approach the area just prior to the hill country.  The desert vegetation takes on a different look in each state.  I passed the continental divide along the way.  I'm back in Van Horn, Texas for the night.  This time I decide to investigate the main street and find a restaurant for dinner.  It is already dark and the main street is very wide and not well travelled at this hour.  There is a lit Christmas display in the city park and the lights are very colorful against the pitch black sky.  So pretty!  I drive on a block or two and find Chuey's  Mexican restaurant and decide to stop there.  Excellent home made food!  I recommend highly!  The atmosphere is casual and a football game was on the big screen.  I'm glad I stopped by.  The next morning I decided to drive the main street one more time, this time in day light.  I saw the Christmas display in the park without the lights turned on and thought about how nice it would be at sunset to see the lights turned on again.  I passed Chuey's and I passed all the small store fronts along the street.  The main street extends several blocks in a very straight line and at the end there is a quick turn to the right and I'm back on the interstate.  But what about the bakery, you ask?  Me, too.  What about the bakery.  I didn't see it.  I didn't smell it.  But I thought about it.  Memories from childhood family trips through many a small town brings back thoughts of us sitting in the car as lunch time approached and we were sniffing the breeze trying to locate the local city bakery.  The wonderful aromas were wafting on the breeze tantalizing us.  The bakery on main street.  FOUND!!  And Dad went into the bakery and purchased the doughnuts and other pastries that were to become part (the main part) of our lunch when we stopped at the city park for running and eating.  Yum!  I loved the butterfly doughnuts with the two swirls of jam (that's two different flavors, mind you, not one) and anything with powdered sugar on it.  So, I was thinking about the city bakery today as I drove through the town of Van Horn, Texas on my way to San Antonio.  I didn't find the bakery.  Is there a bakery in Van Horn?  I may need to come back some day and make that my mission--find the bakery.  I miss a good old fashioned bakery.  And the smells.   m-m-m-m-m  But I drive on.  and on.  and on.  And then I'm gone.  p.s.  Did you know that Van Horn, Texas is THE one and only town in the U.S. that is located the farthest west in the central time zone?  Yes, that's true.  The time zone sign is located on the western outskirts of the town.  Nice, huh.

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