Wednesday, December 31, 2014

flying milk

In all my travels my car has been hit with some crazy things.  There is the normal rock to the windshield or the not so normal mattress and box springs hurdle.  I've had flattened refrigerator boxes stick to the window and block my view but, until today, I have never been hit with a flying bag of milk.  At least I think it was milk.  It was white and liquid.  The splatters dripped down the windshield until they evaporated in the wind.  And, here I was, just minding my own business driving down the road on my way to Orlando.  Suddenly a grocery store bag partially filled with milk glanced off the windshield.  What was that all about?  And, how long was this bag of milk air born?  No overpasses in the area.  No people along the side of the road.  Very unusual.  An interesting way to end the year.  Stay safe, everyone.

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