Monday, December 15, 2014

driving again

I'm on my way back to Texas.  There is a birthday girl I want to see.  She turns four this week.  And, I plan on being there.  I left early enough in the day in order to complete the nearly nine hour drive to Mobile by nightfall.  On the way I passed by the log cabin sales lot near Lake City but just as I was about to glance to the left and view the cabins, a big tractor trailer rig passed me and completely blocked my view.  So, no cabin viewing this time.  Disappointing, for sure.  Vicki was working the counter at the fast food restaurant near Marianna today.  I said hello.  The nicest surprise came in Mobile along I-65 when I encountered a beautifully lit holiday display just as the sun set.  The lights were all blues and greens and they stretched  the length of a long city block.  Delightful!  I am here for the night and will probably awake to the sounds of the church chimes emanating from the church steeple across the street.  And I believe I will be having french toast for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel next door.  Yum.

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