Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas music and lights

Last night I attended a Christmas concert performed by the Venice concert band.  It was a sold out performance and it gave me the opportunity to see the inside of the new performing arts center at the high school.  What a beautiful building.  Massive arched windows in the oversize lobby and seating for well over a thousand people in the auditorium.  The music was wonderful and, of course, the highlight of the evening was the audience participation during The Twelve Days of Christmas.  With all the jumping up and down and the loud singing and laughing, the people in the audience had a great time.  Later, as I was leaving, I drove by the new mall in the area and I was able to see the lighting display that stretched for blocks in several directions.  The palm trees lining the road were decked in green.  There was a pond with lit sculptural boats with animated rowers aboard.  Colorful displays lined the sides of the roadways.  The neatest thing was the blue colored lights strung in the oak and willow trees that flickered on and off in a sequential pattern that gives a "dripping" effect.  I hadn't seen anything like that before.  It's too bad I was driving.  I would have liked to stop and just stare (take it all in) at the lighting displays but the traffic was heavy and I could not.  It's funny but I drove by that mall earlier in the day and didn't even notice the displays.  It takes nighttime and electricity to bring it to life.  It was wonderful.  Thanks for the gift!!

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