Friday, December 5, 2014

one more interchange

This is more about the signage than the actual interchange.  I have travelled along I-65 south in the Mobile, Alabama area many a time as I made my way back and forth between Florida and Mississippi.  The best part about driving south along this segment of the highway is looking at the directional road sign marking the end of I-65 where it merges onto I-10.  The sign basically makes the highway division look like a giant Y with two lanes swooping to the left and two lanes swooping to the right.  There are only two words written on the sign---Florida (to the left) and Mississippi (to the right).  This part of Alabama is very narrow and there are no major towns, other than Mobile, in this southern portion.  So the sign gives the traveller all the information they need to make the decision as to whether to go left or right at the Y in the road.  I like the look of the sign.  I guess it's just that.  I like the look.  It's like structural art work.  Very nice.

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