Saturday, May 30, 2015

US 30

O.K., I am putting on my geek hat again.  Bear with me.  If you recall earlier this year I traveled  along US 80 from its inception on Tybee Island, Georgia to its end (almost) in Texas.  I thoroughly enjoyed driving along the lesser traveled route and stopping in the smaller towns along the way.  A couple of days ago I was traveling with my brother along the Columbia River gorge in Oregon and we stopped to look at a few waterfalls along the way.  We were traveling on a smaller highway that paralleled Interstate 84. At one point I saw this sign and it finally clicked.  This historic Route 30 is the same Route 30 that passes through York and Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania.  I lived in both of those counties for many years and drove along this road many a time.  It was called The Lincoln Highway at this point.  I had no idea this was part of a cross country road system.  I guess I wasn't so geek-y then.  Yes, I was.  But I missed this. me an idea for another road trip.  I'm looking at you US 30.

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