Wednesday, May 13, 2015

climbing my mountain

At the end of the jetty was an out cropping of rocky boulders.  I heard you could spot whales from this vantage point.  So, I walked out to the end of the pier, found the pathway up the side of this rocky terrain and waited and watched.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the view was outstanding.  I glanced over to the right and I could see another path that led higher up into the center of the rocky out crop.  The path was narrow and there seemed to be a greater distance between climbable rocks.  I hesitated for a moment but like a siren calling to a sailor I couldn't resist the temptation to climb higher "just to see what was there".  And so I did.  I carefully maneuvered around the rocks until I came to a point where I had a very good vantage point of the entire horizon.  I stopped and stared.  The natural beauty of this area was breathtaking.  I stayed a while and then I climbed back down.  You know what?  Climbing up may be tough but climbing down can be tougher .  It's a balance thing.    I didn't see any whales that day but I did test myself.  The thought that always gets me going is "I may never get back this way again".  And so, there it is.  My mini Mt. Everest.  Conquered.   Check.

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