Tuesday, May 5, 2015

more highway 80

There is a highway that runs from Casa Grande, Arizona to San Diego, California, called Interstate 8.  I use this route on my way west.  Guess what.  I-8 was built on the old US 80 highway route.  The road has gone through many transformations over the decades.  Even though the current US 80 has its western terminus in Dallas, it was at one time a coast to coast highway.  It was known as the Dixie Highway and was dedicated to the veterans of the Korean war.  Earlier this year I drove west on US 80 from Tybee Island, Georgia, on the Atlantic coast and now I have completed the old route to the Pacific coast.  Yes, there are chunks of the route missing, never to be found again.  But..... well I'm just sayin'.  I did what I could and I drove what there was.  Now I'm done.

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