Saturday, May 9, 2015

the temple of 10,000 Bhuddas

I stopped in Ukiah, California for the night.  I had read about this Bhuddist temple that had 10,000 Bhuda statues lining the walls of the temple and I decided to visit and see it for myself.  Without counting (I took their word for it) I could see how this would be possible.  Each statue was encased behind glass on long shelves stretching from the back of the room to the front.  The statues were all golden and they gave the room a rich golden hue.  The room contained kneeling benches instead of pews.  This is a retreat center as well as a school and a conference center.  There is a vegan restaurant on the premises where I ate lunch. Very good food.  Peacocks freely roam the grounds.   A very spiritual feeling arises from the gardens and koi ponds.  Come to meditate.  Come to enjoy.

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