Thursday, May 14, 2015

Battery Point Light

The lighthouse in Crescent City, California is called Battery Point Light.  It is a working light house that is open for tours but is only accessible during low tide.  The light house sits out from the mainland and people have to walk over a low rocky pathway to get to the hilly path which rises to the point where the lighthouse is located.  I was able to walk the short distance out to the uphill path and was able to walk around the property.  What a view of the ocean!!  The inside of the lighthouse was open for tours and was set up as it was originally with antique furnishings.  It was sparsely but adequately furnished.  The lighthouse is on the national historic registry.  On the way down the hill I noticed that the tide was beginning to come in and the pathway was barely above the water.  I was one of the last people to be able to cross without getting my feet wet.  The water rose over the rocky path and people were scrambling to get across between water surges.  We all laughed as it was rather funny.  Everyone made it across.  What fun!!  This is a beautiful little lighthouse.

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