Monday, May 4, 2015

the blue hole

I was told by the woman who was working at the old museum in Tucumcari that I must stop in Santa Rosa to see the Blue Hole.  I was curious about this place so I drove on to Santa Rosa and found this natural wonder.  The color of the water is very blue and the temperature of the spring fed water is a constant 64 degrees.  The hole is used for swimming but it is also a diving center.  The depth of the hole is 81 feet and divers come from all over to train and to enjoy their diving experience.  The hole is bell shaped which gives a wide underwater space to investigate.  The underwater caves have been gated in order to prevent divers from getting "lost".  The surface area of the water is very clear and would be perfect for swimming but knowing that there is an 81 foot drop off beneath me is kind of scary.  Beautiful to look at, though!  Santa Rosa is located along historic Route 66 in eastern New Mexico.  Stop on by and see for yourself.

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