Sunday, January 11, 2015

the original Grandma B

My grandmother was born on January 11, 1891.  124 years ago today.  She was born in Henning, Minnesota.  She and I have something in common.  We are both January babies separated by fifty seven years, three days and many cold winter nights.  She married a minister and traveled with him to his various assignments within the state of Minnesota. Along the way they brought forth four children with the eldest, Bennett, becoming my father.  Grandma and I celebrated a joint birthday dinner each year, usually after church on the Sunday nearest to our birthdays.  The dinner was prepared by my mother and there was always a cake.  I remember them well and I was happy to have a "birthday buddy".  It felt special.  So, here's to you Grandma!  Happy Birthday!  And thanks for the memories.

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