Wednesday, January 21, 2015

historic neighborhoods

In the older historic area of Jacksonville, Florida, there are three walking neighborhoods that offer antiques and cafes, each with their own flavor.  I discovered them while driving down Park Street on my way to the Cummer museum.  The first area is called the Park Street/Riverside district and it offers quaint old cottage style homes with the first floors converted into antique shops.  I was very interested in the styling of the buildings with their original wooden floors and well maintained interior features.  Walking into these stores gave me the opportunity to investigate the interiors of these old homes.   The rooms were filled with antique and vintage items and the proprietors were friendly and easily shared the history of the area.  A little farther down the road is the five points district with it's share of antique stores in commercial buildings and tattoo parlors, smoke shops and small cafes.  This area is geared mainly for a younger clientele.  The Avondale district is filled with quaint older homes and is a great area for strolling along the tree covered streets.  Very good restaurants and small antique shops are located in this area.  Avondale is definitely a throwback to a quieter, more peaceful time.  All of these areas are very close to each other and worth the time to visit.  Be prepared to let your mind take you back to another time in history and enjoy the trip.

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