Wednesday, January 14, 2015

from my past

These china nut cups have been in the family for over sixty years.  My mom purchased them for use in our house during special dinner events.  They were brought out of their hiding place in the buffet and used at Easter or sometimes for a Sunday dinner.  There are eight matching nut cups in the set.  Since there were seven members in my family, we each had one placed by our table setting.  We always knew something very special was going to happen when the nut cups appeared on the table.  There were three standard fillers for the cups-pillow mints, peanuts or m and m's-with pillow mints being on the top of the list.  The cups always adorned the table during that most momenteous of meals-THE BIRTHDAY DINNER.  Today is my birthday and the nut cups made their scheduled appearance at the table.  What a joy to see them.  You see, my sister, Susan, is the keeper of the cups these days.  She served a delicious home cooked meal and topped it off with an ice cream cake and even lefse.  The table was set beautifully and the nut cups took their place of honor by each persons place setting.  What beautiful memories these cups evoke.  Memories of childhood birthdays and other special times came to mind.  The setting was complete.  Thank you Susan.  Love from your big sis.