Monday, April 20, 2015

Tucumcari Mountain, New Mexico

In the eastern part of New Mexico along I-40 lies Tucumcari Mountain.  There are conflicting legends as to how this mountain got its name.  It is, however, a prominent point in this flat land and can be seen for many miles as I approached the town of Tucumcari, which lies in the shadow of this mountain.  I understand several western movies were shot at this location with the mountain playing a supporting roll in the background.  As I gazed at the mountain I noticed that modern day technology had invaded this ancient rocky uprise.  The top of the mountain was littered with communication towers.  Kind of funny really.  The height of the old mountain was needed to serve a new purpose.  I understand the need to use this area for current technology but the towers take away from the overall look of the mountain at the same time.  Old vs new.  OK   hmmmmm.....

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