Friday, April 17, 2015

Route 66

Here it is.  Just a little sampling of what I traveled over when I was driving in West Texas.  Route 66  runs parallel to I-40 and sometimes they are the same road.  For the most part I traveled on the interstate but whenever I pulled of the exit ramp into a small town along the way I found myself driving on the old "main street of America".  Route 66, just like US 80, was a major cross country thoroughfare in the earlier part of the twentieth century but was gradually replaced (and renumbered, in some cases)  by the newer interstate highways.  But it's still here in bits and pieces.  A simple reminder of what was.  (I can almost see the corvette now.  Or is that a mirage?)   As the signs say "Get your Kix on Route 66".

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  1. You've gone back in time! And did you get your kix on Route 66?