Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cadillac Ranch

I have seen pictures of the Cadillacs partially buried in the sand and I knew they were somewhere in the Southwestern USA.  Well...I found them.  They are located just outside of Amarillo, Texas and since I was in the area I decided to stop by and see them for myself.  Drive about five miles or so west from Amarillo along I-40 and you will find them on the left side of the highway frontage road.  The frontage road is actually Route 66.  It seems appropriate that Cadillac Ranch would be located along Route 66.  It is public art and, therefore, free to the public.  The public is also free to add their own artwork to the cars in the form of spray paint.  Every five years the cars are given a new base coat of paint and after that, it's everyone for themselves.  Up close the cars are very colorful and interesting to see but if you are on the highway traveling at a high speed they are easy to miss because they are dwarfed by the vastness of the flat desert landscape.  Glad I stopped, though.

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