Sunday, April 12, 2015

hidden passages

I have always been fascinated by hidden passageways whether they be narrow paths between two buildings, neighborhood alleys or outdoor stairwells.  It doesn't matter.  I always wonder where they go.  What is at the end?  I was sitting in a small cafe yesterday afternoon looking out at the street and at the buildings on the other side of the street when I noticed an outdoor stairway placed between two buildings.  As I ate I kept wondering where the stairs went.  What was at the other end?  I finished eating and as I left I walked across the busy street to the other side so that I could better examine the object of my interest.  I could see that the entrance to the stairwell was beginning to get overgrown.  The stone walls on either side of the stairs looked solid enough.  I got closer and then...I looked.  What!?!  There was nothing at the top!  It was empty!  Just air!  And blue sky!  Oops, I didn't notice that one of the bordering buildings was undergoing reconstruction and was currently gutted.  No wonder the stairs led to nowhere.  There just was nothing there for it to "go" to.  The laugh is on me.  Nice stairs, though.  I guess they will "go" somewhere, someday.

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