Sunday, July 24, 2016

leaving SD

After a month of staying put in the San Diego area I am on the move again.  I have driven I-15 through eastern California, Nevada, the tip of Arizona and into Utah.  Primarily the terrain is high desert.  It is all sand and quite beige-y.  The temperature has been hanging around 110 degrees.  Interestingly, I was talking to a lady in Baker, Ca. and I mentioned the heat.  She commented that it wasn't too bad.  A few days ago it had been 121degrees.  You're right!  Later that evening, after sunset, I passed Las Vegas.  It was all lit up and looked so sparkly.  As I climbed the mountains on the east side of the city I glanced in the rear view mirror and the glittering lights of the city looked like a swirling galaxy in a very black universe.  Even after dark the temperature hovered around 100 degrees.  The next day I drove on through the northwest corner of Arizona and into Utah.  Partway into western Utah I left I-15 and started my eastward journey on I-70.  This is where the terrain started to change.  Mountains ahead!

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