Sunday, July 24, 2016

driving through Utah

I have been driving along I-70 in central Utah.  Between mile markers 104 and 160 or so there are several viewing areas located along the highway.  These view points are actually small rest areas with room to park as opposed to parking along the side of the highway.  Very safe! The views are spectacular and there are informative placards at each stop that give all kinds of information about the geology and ecology of the area.  It's also a good time to stretch those legs and get out in the fresh (hot) air.

The rock formations show the effects of the rising and lowering of the continental oceans that flooded the area millions of years ago.  The wind has also aided in the erosion process.

The elevation here has allowed for vegetation growth.  Small animals and birds live in the shade of the shrubbery.  The rock formation on top of this rock plateau is called Sinbad.  It actually looks like a crouching lion or a sphinx.  Every viewing area presents a different picture of the terrain and each new area is just as beautiful as the one before.

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