Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wind Cave

I went to see Wind Cave National Park near Hot Springs in the Black Hills region of South Dakota.  I have been in other caves but this one was different.  There aren't any stalagmites or stalactites in this cave because it is not a wet cave, it is a dry cave.  The cave was formed millions of years ago when this area was under a large inland sea.  The acidic water ate away at the limestone and created box work patterns.  It looks like lace in a honeycomb pattern.  The sea receded and the cave dried out.

The cave is named Wind Cave because the air pressure inside of the cave is the same as the air pressure outside of the cave.  This causes gushes of air to either rush into the cave or blow out from the cave entrance in the process of equalizing the air pressure.  The cave walk was really great.  Wind Cave National Park is operated by the National Park Service.  This is the centennial anniversary of the NPS.  Get out there and enjoy.

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