Friday, June 10, 2016

two churches

I have attended church on the past two Sundays at two different churches in two different cities.  On the Sunday before Memorial Day I went to church with my sister in Smyrna, Georgia.  The church sanctuary is very formal, yet serene, with it's white painted walls and chandelier lighting.  Patriotic music prevailed as the dominate theme during the service.  The music was wonderfully presented by soloists, a male vocal group and by the choir.  It was very inspiring.  On patriotic holidays the church lines the front sidewalk with flags donated by members of the church.  Again...inspiring.

This past Sunday I attended the church in downtown Vicksburg, Mississippi that I had attended during the years we lived in this city.

This old stone building has stood at the corner of Crawford and Cherry for decades.  During the Spring of the year the dogwood tree in front of the church is in full bloom just as Easter approaches.  It is quite a magnificent sight.  The sanctuary is simply laid out with the side balconies reaching toward the dark oak beamed ceiling.  This church has always had a very good choir and the music, as always, was wonderful.  The sermon was well preached and communion was served.  I was able to reconnect with old friends and I am so glad I was there...third pew from the back...on the right.

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