Saturday, June 18, 2016


I stopped in Midland, Texas for the night and today I took the opportunity to visit The Petroleum Museum.  Midland sits on top of the Permian Oil Field and oil drilling plays a major part in the development of this area.  The museum presents a very detailed history of the formation of the oil field over millions of years as well as the early discovery of the reserve and the "wildcatters" who built the wells.

Behind the museum is a parking lot, of sorts, filled with antique oil rigs.  The rigs vary in size and shape and their design changed along with the changes in technology and materials over time.

           I thought this neon Pegasus was particularly nice looking.  Lots of old signs were on display.

The museum was also home to a racing car collection (they use gas, don't they), an extensive oil painting collection depicting life in West Texas during the early oil rush days and a beautiful display of shiny rocks.  Yep, shiny rocks.  
Great museum.

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