Monday, June 20, 2016


I have passed Steins, New Mexico a number of times on my way back and forth along I-10.  It is located just off exit 3 by the New Mexico/Arizona border.  You can see the old rickety buildings from the highway.  It is a ghost town.  It used to be a mail stop on the route from El Paso to the west coast.  The town was abandoned a long time ago and the structures that make up the town have fallen into disrepair.  At one time this was a sightseeing stopover with guided tours of the town.  Now the town is surrounded with a barbed wire fence.  The old mercantile is still standing.  I cannot imagine life here over a hundred years ago.  Isolated, for sure.  Dependant on the mail supply stage for all the necessities of life.  The introduction of a rail line to the north put an end to this thriving community.  Dust to dust.

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