Sunday, June 28, 2015

the gardens at the Grotto

Above the Grotto, high on the cliff, are the gardens.  There is an elevator built next to the cliff (no mountain climbing!) and this takes you directly to the gardens.  There is a marked pathway with stops along the way to see, smell and admire the flowers and statuary.  The hydrangeas are magnificent.  There is, also, another beautiful blue flower that I have never seen before.  The delicate petals surround a whitish cluster of tiny flowers.  I am fascinated by this flower.  The walkway passes ponds with trickling brooks and an oval rose garden.  If you visit the Grotto, please be sure to see the gardens on the cliff.  They are so peaceful.  The mixture of the gentle sounds of nature and the respectful quietness of the people walking about gives this place a genuine feeling of sanctuary.

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