Wednesday, June 10, 2015

the carousel workshops

The carousel horses and other animals are built on site.  In the carving room the drawings with the intricate design patterns are posted on the wall.  Each animal is given a name by the sponsor.  The animals are carved out of large blocks of wood, put together and then the detailed carving takes place.

This is what Blackberry looks like while it is being carved.

More horses (and a giraffe) in the carving room.

After the animals are finished in the carving room they are moved into the painting room.  Here they are given several coats of paint and layers of protectant sealer.  The animals are then stored until it is their time to take their place on the carousel.  The sponsored animals ($15,000 a piece) are mounted on the carousel and they are used for one month by the riders and then they are turned over to their sponsors.  Horses and other animals are continuously created and the animals rotate in and out of the

carousel.  There are seasonal themes to the carousel animals.  What an amazing workshop!!

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