Monday, July 10, 2017

Herbert Hoover (#31)

I stopped in West Branch, Iowa to visit the birthplace of Herbert Hoover.  I didn't know that much about this former president but I was about to find out.  He was born in this small house in Iowa.  His Quaker upbringing in this small town helped to form him into the generous man that he ultimately became.  He is instrumental in delivering aid to the Belgian people when they were starving.

               He was a big man so it was interesting to see his baby crib.  (We all start out little).

Here is his school.  Even though he left West Branch at an early age to live with an aunt and uncle in Oregon, he always considered this town to be his home.  This is where he and his wife chose to be buried.  The graves are very simple in keeping with their Quaker faith.  His presidential library is located on the grounds.  This site is maintained by the National Park Service.

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