Saturday, July 1, 2017

driving through the rain

My Dad told me that sometimes it is better to drive through a downpour than it is to pull over and wait for the rain to stop.  The end of the storm line may just be a short distance ahead.  I drove through one of these storms recently on my way north through Tennessee between Manchester and Murfreesboro.  I could see the rain coming.  The highway was full of cars.  When it hit most people slowed down.  The rain was so heavy that it was hard to see the car ahead of me.  I wanted to be close enough to the vehicle so that I could follow its tail lights but not too close in case I had to stop quickly.  At one point the rain was so heavy that cars were pulling off to the side of the road and stopping.  I really wanted to do that too but I kept on going.  I was out of the rain a short time later and I just kept on going.  What a relief!!  That was scary!  Driving through that rain storm was a total white knuckler experience and I would put it at the top of the fright scale.  I made it through.  I'm fine.  But...hmmm.  Scary.

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