Tuesday, March 28, 2017

gusty winds in Texas

There aren't any pictures to accompany this entry.  I can assure you I was not doing anything except clutching the steering wheel as I drove across west Texas recently.  The entire southwest had been experiencing windy weather and as I left Mesa on my way to El Paso I kept hearing about road closures, including the interstate, due to the high winds.  I was able to make it to El Paso and I stayed the night there.  The next morning started out as a beautiful sunny day and I expected to reach Abilene or Dallas by the end of the day.  I never made it that far.  I was able to drive for a couple of hours (maybe one hundred and twenty five miles or so) and then I pulled off at Van Horn.  All along the way my car was being buffeted by the strong, gusty winds and, quite frankly, I was getting scared.     The gusts were erratic.  It took a lot of strength to keep the car in one lane.  When I parked at the hotel and tried to unload my things I found that I couldn't open the car doors on one side of the car because of the wind blasts.  I opened the trunk but things started to blow around.  The car was rocking in the wind.  I re-parked my car on the other side of the building.  Sand was blowing everywhere.  I was safe for the night, though, so I went indoors and (yes) watched TV.  Enough with the scary driving!  The next day turned out to be a beautiful, calm day so I went on my way.  Happy.

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