Friday, March 27, 2015

the Little White House

About thirteen miles outside of Johnson City, Texas sits a ranch that has been in the Johnson family for generations.  About two hundred acres of the over two thousand acres of land has been deeded to the National Park Service.  This is where you will find the Little White House or the Texas White House occupied by Lyndon Baines Johnson and his family while he was President of the United States of America in the 1960's.  My sister and I took a tour of the house and found it to be a very comfortable, cozy home with all the original furnishings that were used by the president's family, including clothing, on display for the public to see.  The house was unpretentious and a true reflection of the humble beginnings of the President.  Admission is $3 (can't beat that!) and well worth the drive.  The house sits close to the banks of the Pedernales River and down the lane from LBJ's birth place as well as his burial place in the family cemetery.  The tour of the ranch includes a winding drive through the pastures and stops at the barns.  There is also a small hangar where the official airplane he used while in office is parked.  He affectionately referred to the plane as Air Force One Half.  The ranch is an operating cattle ranch and cattle feel free to roam right in front of your car, if they want to.  Beautiful property. Serene bucolic setting.  Lots of history.  Glad we came.

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