Sunday, March 29, 2015

the little blue church


Right outside the gates and just down the road from the LBJ ranch sits a very pretty little church.  It stands out because of its blue color.  I am fascinated with older country churches because I know that they have been and still are at the heart of a rural community.  My sister and I pulled into the parking lot and were taking pictures when a parishioner stopped by and spoke with us, telling us about the long history of the church.  He was so proud to be a life long member and it showed.  He asked if we wanted to see the inside and, of course, we said yes.  The inside is lovely with its white walls and pastel colored trimmings.  They are currently replacing all of the clear glass windows with stained glass windows.  The window replacement project is ongoing with the installation of each window done upon the completion of the full payment for each window.  There is one window opening awaiting its stain glass replacement and that will be done this summer.  When President Johnson was visiting his ranch he would worship here.  He always took a seat in the front row on the right.  What a lovely church!

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  1. What a beautiful church!!!! Thanks for the pics!!