Friday, June 16, 2017


I've started my way north for the summer.  Before leaving the Atlanta area I visited Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park in Cobb County, Georgia.  Operated by the National Park Service, the park is most associated with the battle that took place here in June of 1864.  This location was the last line of defense by the southern army in their attempt to keep the Union troops from marching toward Atlanta.  The battle line was broken and the northern army moved on to Atlanta.  

The maps and diagrams on display in the park headquarters showed where each fighting unit was stationed and how their movements lead to the breaks in the lines of defense.  The topography of the land played an extremely important roll during the battle with its natural walls formed by the mountains, hills and vallys.  There is a hiking path that leads to the top of Kennesaw Mountain and it begins near the headquarters.  Visit the national parks.  They're yours to enjoy.

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