Monday, December 5, 2016

where the Spirit leads you

Don't ever be grumpy...especially on a Sunday morning.  You may end up somewhere you didn't expect to be but maybe that's the place you are supposed to be.  Like yesterday, hmmm.  I set out for church.  I thought I knew exactly where the church was located but I was wrong.  I may have passed it or maybe the road veered off in another direction (and I didn't).  Anyway, I knew the service had started and here I was, still driving around a country road looking for the church.  I was already in an "off" mood and this didn't help any.  So I backtracked and ended up driving into downtown Issaquah. Certainly there had to be a church here to attend.  I looked for a steeple to guide me.  None to be seen.  So, I turned into a food store parking lot and across the street I saw a little church.  (angels singing!) O.K., that will be fine.  It was a chapel.  I walked across the street, stood outside the front door and listened to the music.  It was wonderful.  A group of men were singing.  I walked in and was immediately approached by a smiling woman who asked if I spoke Chinese.  I said no but I would like to stay.  I sat down and listened and listened and listened.  Music is universally enjoyable and so is a good sermon.  The minister was very exuberant. His delivery was animated and he cracked some good jokes. (The congregation was laughing, that's how I know.) I didn't understand a word he was saying but I loved being there.  Communion was served.  The offering baskets were passed.  And, in the end, I was introduced as a guest.  I gave my name and was asked how I came to worship there.  Well.....I liked the music!  People were chuckling, I know, but I was genuinely happy to be there.  I was asked if I would come back again (more chuckling) and I said YES and I would bring my family, too!  This church serves the Chinese community in Issaquah and it served me, too.  You see, don't ever start out your day (especially Sunday) in a grumpy mood.  You never know what will happen and maybe, just maybe, through unexplained measures, your grumpiness will dissolve in a most pleasant and unexpected way.   halleluia

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