Saturday, October 1, 2016

hug a teacher

If you ever run into one of your former teachers (especially your first grade teacher) be sure to say hello OR, better yet, give them a hug.  They made an impression on you because they were one of your first teachers and, believe it or not, they will remember you.  Maybe it was me or maybe it was because I was one of several children from a large family with a distinctive last name that attended the school but my teacher knew me even after all these years (decades) later.  And when we talked and I told here about things I remembered from her class, like the giant Dick, Jane and Sally books we read from in our reading groups, she was delighted.  She was only 27 when she first taught me and I looked up to her.  She was a good (great) teacher.  And, she got a hug.  We both did.

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