Sunday, August 14, 2016

St. Anthony Falls

This is St. Anthony Falls.  Thousands and thousands of years ago the falls were much higher and wider rivaling Niagara Falls in size.  The large volume of water that melted during the end of the glacial era passed over these falls with great force.  The falls has gradually moved upstream (over thousands of years) as the soft sandstone layer that lies underneath the harder limestone surface layer was undermined by the rushing water.  The falls was saved from becoming a rocky rapids when the Army Corps of Engineers came up with a plan to build a shield over the falls and place concrete blocks at the base to stop the erosion. Today St. Anthony Falls is part of the Mississippi River and Recreation Area, a 54,000 acre park.  The National Park Service maintains about 100 acres of the park and the rest is privately owned.  It's ours to enjoy.

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