Friday, July 10, 2015

Grouse Mountain

My sister and I took a trip to Vancouver, B.C. and ended up on the top of Grouse Mountain.  Actually, we took a gondola ride to the top and we certainly knew what we were doing.  And we had a blast.  The scenery is spectacular and the mountain air is refreshing.  This is a view from the gondola ascent looking back at the buildings below.

                               Log carvings were plentiful.  I especially liked this growling bear.

                                   There is a falcon handler who gave a great talk about the birds.

Two lumberjacks were having a log rolling contest.  They both got dunked.  The mountaintop was filled with walking paths, nature gardens and an incredible bee hive area.  Everything on the mountain is geared to bring the visitor closer to understanding the intertwining elements of nature beginning with the flower and the process of pollination.  On the way down the mountain we were able to witness a magnificent view of the setting sun's copper reflection on the river.

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